Attention to Lifestyle – Embracing Food And Culture

Embracing Food And Culture


Traditional diets consistently fail because they are ignorant to the social and cultural origins of food. To make matters worse, the common suggestion to avoid favorite foods creates a negative relationship with that food, often leading to a pass/fail mindset (more on that later). Part of being healthy is having an understanding of how all foods fit in your life. Favorite foods should not be avoided. Portion and moderation may be needed, but elimination is rarely a true goal.

A person with a positive relationship with food understands where their food desires and tendencies come from. Instead of coming to the quick conclusion that a favorite food is bad for you, why not ask a couple very important questions.

  • How does your culture and environment shape how you eat?
  • Can we shift the food groups in these meals to balance our plate while maintaining the integrity of the dish?
  • How can your culture be a part of the healthier you?
  • What foods do you eat often that you can eat differently or set yourself up to portion better?

In the videos we use the commonly avoided but favorite meals of Pizza and Pasta to prove it is often how we eat a food, not that we eat it. Take a few moments to think about some of your favorite foods you try to avoid when dieting. How do you eat those foods? Can you figure out a way to reduce the portion of that food by better balancing the plate and filling up on the appropriate spread of foods? In your notes, write down these foods, as well as your idea for how change how you eat them. Whether it is by adding vegetables and protein to fill up and reduce portion, or avoiding grazing tendencies by taking the small bites items at a party and making a plate to eat at once, the goal is you identify favorites, and change how you eat them so they better align with the healthier you!

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