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Full Course Consists of over 30 Easy to Follow Modules Containing Videos, Handouts, and Content Built for you.
Plus Over 30 Additional Bonuses to Guarantee Your Habits Success.




The Optilife Academy is more than a project with an end date. Use this course as a starting point, and its tools as methods to continue the pursuit of the happiest and healthiest you. The discussion of eating, exercise and mindset will force you to stop following templated advice, and start building the program that becomes your routine. Enough fads, it is time for Optilife Academy to help you start your own health journey.

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Success Stories

I Feel Much Better and Have The Confidence to Continue

Andrew was of GREAT help to me. I was well advised on eating habits and exercise.
I was given assistance with meal planning as to not get bored and give up on myself.
Even when I faced difficult times, Andrew has been right there to help keep me motivated.
After 6 months I’m down over 30 pounds, I feel much better and have the confidence to continue.
I look forward to keeping up the change in my lifestyle so that I can better manage my
weight and health in the future. Thanks to Andrew for being a GREAT nutritionist and motivator!

Natalie Coleman

Even My Doctor Was Amazed!

Thanks to Andrew I lost 60 lbs, He helped me to make small corrections in my diet and exercise program that made a big difference in my health. Even my doctor was amazed. And his positive reinforcement and guidance has kept me on track.

Richard Meritzer

I Am So Happy That I Found Them

I am so happy that I found them. They are they extremely professional and caring. I am now eating quality foods mindfully, and exercising with purpose.

Brenda Sigafoos

Positive Encouragement Instead of Chastising You

Andrew is awesome! I love how supportive he is. His approach of supporting you with positive encouragement instead of chastising you for things you might do wrong is so refreshing! He also provides the right amount of Challenge and support.

Sonjala Williams

His Program is Designed for Success!!

Andrew is very easy to talk to and explains nutrition in terms that are easy to understand. He followed up our initial consultation within a few hours with a meal “plan” giving me a format (grain, protein, fruit or protein, veggie, grain etc.)for what I should eat at each meal/snack time throughout the day. His program is designed for success!! He has also offered consistent support throughout the day when I send random emails with questions regarding my nutrition.

Alaina Emery


About Us

Welcome to the OptiLife Academy! We’re so happy to have you here. We are a group of professionals committed to helping people live their optimal life. We want to help you become the happiest and healthiest version of you possible...

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