Habits Course

Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 Introduction to Habits
Unit 2 Health Questionnaire
Unit 3 Nutrition and Lifestyle Change
Module 2 Attention to Lifestyle (A2L)
Unit 1 Attention to Lifestyle - Stop Dieting  - Preview
Unit 2 Attention to Lifestyle - Why Do We Eat?  - Preview
Unit 3 Attention to Lifestyle - Embracing Food And Culture  - Preview
Module 3 Eat for Life (E4L)
Unit 1 Eating for Life - Diet Failure
Unit 2 Eating for Life - Spectrum Eating
Unit 3 Eating for Life - Championship Mindset
Unit 4 Eating for Life - Our Plan for You
Module 4 Guilt Free Diet (GFD)
Unit 1 Guilt Free Eating, Your Last "Diet"
Unit 2 Create Your Own Guilt-Free Diet
Unit 3 Guilt Free Eating - Build Your Pile of Food
Unit 4 Guilt Free Eating - The Forgotten Portion
Unit 5 Guilt Free Eating - Recap
Module 5 Moderation & Mythbusting (MM)
Unit 1 Mythbusting and Moderation Introduction
Unit 2 This can't be right? Observing Diet Polarity
Unit 3 Mastering Moderation
Unit 4 Quality vs Calorie
Unit 5 Find Your Food Flow
Unit 6 The Dominoes of Hunger
Unit 7 Food Pairing
Unit 8 It's More of a Guideline
Unit 9 Find Your Why
Unit 10 Additive Attitude Mindset
Unit 11 Build Your Own Bullets
Module 6 Your Optilife Mindset Shift is Complete!
Unit 1 Your Optilife Mindset Shift is Complete!
Unit 2 Our Favorite Tools for Your Toolbox
Unit 3 Post Course Health Questionnaire
Module 7 Bonus: Exercise Section of the Habits Course.
Unit 1 Free Exercise Section