Attention to Lifestyle – Stop Dieting

Let’s take a look at the Big Picture. Stop Dieting, and Start Paying Attention to Lifestyle!


Most commercial diets give the same basic advice packaged in savvy marketing claims. Upon comparison, it becomes obvious that most diets offer the same advice bundled up with a “catch” that makes them unique. Instead of jumping on the next trend, lets focus instead on the goal of all diets. If you are going to change how you eat, what really matters when it comes to changing your plate?

  • Increased protein and produce for fullness (the two P’s)
  • Eating high quality foods with simple ingredients most of the time.
  • Remaining aware of the frequency high calorie or less healthy foods appear on the plate.

These pillars regulate appetite and provide a stable and reliable stream of energy. With attention to what foods you like, you can complete the triad of energy, taste and satiety with quality of food in mind!

All marketed diets are a template to try and force a change in habits, with the hope that the changes will stick. Here at Optilife, we are training your mind to become more aware and intentional. These changes will lead to better opportunities to make lasting change. Before we go further, download the handout below for an exercise in habit formation.

Optilife Academy – Habits Handout

Optilife Academy – Notes Paper