Committed to Impressing in the Dress, Sheena’s Down 15% Body Fat for her Wedding

Sheena came to WadeTrained after making some significant changes in her fitness already. However her same old routine had gone stale and she was not seeing the results she once was when she had lost over over 75 lbs.

Determined to be in the very best shape of her life for her upcoming wedding, Sheena decided committing to not only consistent exercise, but nutrition and at least putting her best foot forward in her stress relief would cover all her bases.

In the first few weeks, Sheena had some fears – of failure, of getting “bulky” from lifting weights, of not being able to release control of some wedding tasks, but as she stayed consistent in her habits it didn’t take long (about 3 weeks) those fears started to disappear.

Just 32 Days from her big day Sheena’s made an amazing transformation. In just four months Sheena has achieved the best body of her life. She’s down more than 15% body fat overall and has the toned look in her arms, waist, hips and thighs that she really wanted.