Doing the things she loves without pain for the first time in years!

Caroline has always been an enthusiast of activity; however, before starting her training at WT some of her health habits were holding her back from getting the most out of the activities she loves most.

Horse riding and rowing were becoming increasingly difficult because of the back pain they were causing her.

She knew she needed to build strength, but previous experiences at other gyms had turned her off slightly to the idea of training because for the fear that the pain would become worse.

After discussing her goals and the processes we would take together, to build strength & reduce her pain all while helping her lose weight and inches Caroline decided trying couldn’t hurt.

She couldn’t have been more right!

Since starting to train with WadeTrained in July 2016 not only has Caroline been able to get back to 100% enjoying the outdoor activities she loves without pain, while achieving some amazing personal feats as well of becoming a Dr. and a school Superintendent!

We think you are truly amazing Caroline! You are an inspiration to many and we are proud to have you as a part of our family!