Down 40 lbs and “I’m Never Going Back!

Vicki came to WadeTrained because she had fallen victim to accepting her low energy, enthusiasm and body she didn’t love. She is a mother of a college graduate and her husband works on the road quite a bit.

Even though she had worked at a gym for over 10 years, she had never worked out. She also was afraid to do any arm exercises because of her chronic pain in her left shoulder.

She started training 3 days a week at WadeTrained in April of 2016. Even though she was afraid, she felt more comfortable with the process of trying knowing she was being closely watched and that the coaches had a plan to strengthen her shoulder.

Today Vicki has made an amazing transformation! From timid and sometimes negative towards fitness to integrating training, nutrition and mindset into every area of her life. “I’m Never Going Back!” is what she says on a weekly basis now. Vicki is down over 40 lbs and has completely changed her health!